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We’ve had protocols, ultimatums, even then the odd quantum, but now it’s time to embrace the notion of ‘the greater good’. The Spooks motion picture – Spooks: The Greater Good to give it its full title – gets bundled blindfolded out of an unmarked van and into our cinemas in May and it has a new trailer to share with the world. Click below for some helter-skelter lunchtime fun.

Die-hard Spookies might have given up on seeing a big-screen version of the BBC spy series but here it is, promising all the unsparing character drama and tension that made the show so beloved. It mixes zeitgeisty currency and Spooks heritage with Kit Harington’s Will Holloway and Peter Firth’s Harry Pearce, the old MI5 warhorse, working in concert to stop a terrorist threat. That menace is represented by the magnetic and ruthless Adam Qasim (Elyes Gabel), whose motives are only slightly murkier than those at the top of Thames House and within the British government.


See for yourself when Spooks: The Greater Good gets its UK release on May 8, with Jennifer Ehle, Elyes Gabel, David Harewood and Tim McInnerny also aboard.

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