‘Hannibal’ season 3 premiere spoilers: Richard Armitage talks about Francis Dolarhyde

“Hannibal” season 3 is one of the most exciting yet, particularly because the series will finally show the character Francis Dolarhyde. In the movie “Red Dragon,” actor Ralph Fiennes played Dolarhyde, but in the TV series, “Hobbit” actor Richard Armitage has been tasked to take on the role.

When “Hannibal” returns for the third season, Dolarhyde will be a crucial character in the story. He will be known as the Tooth Fairy and as showrunner Bryan Fuller put it, Armitage will be as important as the main characters of the show.

Armitage is a stranger to the horror genre and even said that years ago, he probably wouldn’t have done anything in this genre. However, as he reviewed the TV show, one that he wasn’t familiar with at all, he found it to be “beautifully decadent and gothic.”

The actor also shared that even without knowning anything about the show or his character, he already accepted the role for one reason.

“I wasn’t familiar with the show, and even before I’d read the script I was already saying yes because it was Bryan Fuller. I just wanted to work with him,” Armitage told Digital Spy.

He added, “I knew that the bar was high when I went in there,” referring to the incredible performances of co-stars Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, and Laurence Fishburne.

Dolarhyde will be in six episodes in season 3, which makes his presence an important one.

Armitage said about his crucial role, “Most movies are maximum two hours long and we get six hours to really explore the fine detail of what it means to be a psychopath, and understand the roots of that, the birth of a child that turns into a monster. It’s going to be very interesting.”

Interesting may just be an understatement. For a show like “Hannibal” and with extraordinary actors in the cast, season 3 is gearing up to be one epic season on TV when it returns.

“Hannibal” season 3 premieres on June 4 on NBC with “Antipasto.” Meanwhile, here is the trailer for season 3.

Source: http://www.christiantoday.com/article/hannibal.s3.richard.armitage.talks.about.francis.dolarhyde/53234.htm

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