‘Hannibal’ Season 3 Spoilers: Lee Pace Almost Played Richard Armitage Role Francis Dolarhyde AKA The Red Dragon

Apparently Richard Armitage has the Season 2 renewal of “Halt and Catch Fire” to thank for his “Hannibal” role — at least to some extent. Bryan Fuller recently revealed to Tattle-Crime.com that the Francis Dolarhyde character was originally supposed to go to Fuller’s pal and previous collaborator (and Armitage’s “Hobbit” co-star) Lee Pace.

I’d been talking to Lee Pace, actually, about playing the role of the Red Dragon, because Lee and I go way back, and he was very interested in doing so, so I was always thinking Lee was going to do it, and I was poking pins in the “Halt and Catch Fire” voodoo doll hoping that he would be available, but that show came back — which I’m very happy ultimately that it did for everyone involved in it — but I was also shaking my fist at the same time because I wanted to work with Lee again on the show.

Bummer! Fans of “Wonderfalls” and “Pushing Daisies” have also been hoping for a reunion between Fuller and Pace, but, assuming we can get our six seasons of “Hannibal,” there will still be plenty of opportunities for Pace to appear on the NBC series.

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At least Fuller didn’t have to look long for a replacement.

Once Lee was unavailable I knew exactly who I was going to go to. I’d been talking to Richard’s reps about him doing the show and if he would be interested and they were always very encouraging, so I got on the phone with Richard. He’s such a thoughtful actor and an interesting man, he has so much respect for all facets of storytelling and really honors and respects his craft, so the conversations were fantastic about his interpretation of Francis.

He went on to say that Armitage got so deep into the process that he put together journals detailing his approach to the character.

He was so well read and articulate in terms of his approach of Francis Dolarhyde that I felt safe with the role in his hands, so he came aboard and won everyone over. He was such a wonderful breath of fresh air for the series, because he’s essentially a regular in the last six episodes of this season, he’s in every episode and has as much to do as Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter, so it’s very much the thrumble of these three crazy guys in the last six episodes.

Catch up on the latest “Hannibal” news HERE, check out a preview featuring the first footage of Francis Dolarhyde, and tune into the Season 3 premiere on NBC at 10 p.m. on Thursday, June 4.

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