Latest Hannibal Promo Delivers Richard Armitage’s Francis Dolarhyde

We would caution loyal Hannibal fans – the Fannibals among you – that this new taste of the grad guignol show’s third season gives a lot away about how the second season’s life-or-death cliffhanger is resolved. With that warning in mind, enjoy this latest look at the show’s next chapter, including a first proper glimpse at Richard Armitage as Francis “The Tooth Fairy” Dolarhyde…

A blend of interviews with the likes of Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal himself), Hugh Dancy (Will Graham) and Gillian Anderson (Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier) and new footage, the promo explores how the show skips ahead in time a little and finds Hannibal living it up in Europe, posing as one of his recent victims, with Du Maurier pretending to be his wife. Naturally, things get violent and bloody, and soon Hannibal is facing his old friend and foe Will once more.

The season will also introduce elements from Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon, most notably the twisted serial killer Dolarhyde, who promises to show a very different side of the man we know as Thorin Oakenshield and Lucas North From Out Of Spooks.

Season three will start airing in the US on June 4 and returns to the UK via Sky Living on June 10.


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