FAIRY WIFE – The Burning of Bridget Cleary

On Friday 22nd of March 1895 in the small Tipperary village of Ballyvadlea, RIC constables discover a badly burned body in a shallow grave. It is the body of Bridget Cleary, a 26-year old woman who had met her death at the hands of her husband only days before. His motive? He believed she had been taken away by the Fairies. This film explores the events surrounding the burning of Bridget Cleary and the massive impact it had on the country at the time.
A Wildfire Films Production for Irish Film Board, RTE and The History Channel.
‘An absorbing Hiddden History documentary’
‘Alternately chilling and blackly comic, the programme had the disorientating feel of a demented Oirish Horrir movie’
‘This was a commendably sober and seriuos enterprise that did not baulk at making unflattering connections between the pitful degrading connections of Ireland’s peasant past and the wilful idiocy of today’s trendy mystics’
‘The programme chronicled the events that unfolded in Ballyvadlea with a nonchalance thet rendered the story all the more chilling’
‘The story was evocatively told, making excellent use of locations, recreated testimonies and atmospheric camera work’
‘It was a gruesomely compelling case which, despite the passage of time, the documentary managed to bring to life….‘Making excellent use of newspaper reports and transcripts of the trial the documentary asked the right questions, shedding light on the social and cultural climate in which the murder took place’

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