Hannibal May Live On … as a Movie?!

“Will Graham is looking at Francis Dolarhyde as a version of Hannibal he might be able to save, and Hannibal is looking at him as a version of Will he may be able to corrupt,” Fuller said.

In Thomas Harris’ original novel, Dolarhyde is a serial killer who murders families and rapes the mothers. The latter half of that is being left out of the show; a conscientious decision on the producers’ part.

“I wanted to keep the promise that we were not going to be telling rape stories,” Fuller explained. Dolarhyde will still be murdering families — this is still Hannibal, after all — but it will be “more about the assault on the family unit instead of just on one woman in the family.”

Full article: http://www.tvguide.com/news/hannibal-comic-con-panel/

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