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Latest “Hannibal” season 3 episode guide has it that there will be a huge time jump this week. The last episode marked the end of the first half of the already-canceled NBC horror series.
Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) surrendered to the FBI after his friend and nemesis Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) decided to cut their connection in any form. However, the lack of communication between the two will not last that long.
The next “Hannibal” season 3 episode is called “The Great Red Dragon”, similar namesake for the second half’s new villain to be played by Richard Armitage. In Thomas Harris novel where the show’s characters were based from, the Red Dragon is famously known in the public as the Tooth Fairy (Francis Dolarhyde in real life), a serial killer from Baltimore who targets families.
The rise of this new psychopath paved way for the reunion of Hannibal and Will. The same storyline is expected to be told in the NBC horror series. However, unlike the films, Bryan Fuller said his work is more faithful to the book.
“The version of Red Dragon that we are telling is very faithful to the literature with the exception of the relationship we’ve been building over the last two and a half seasons,” Fuller said when asked by TV Guide how different his “Hannibal” will be from other projects that adapted the “Red Dragon” novel.
“Will and Hannibal’s relationship in the previous adaptations was nowhere near as wet and dark and sticky as what we’ve come to learn of the dynamic between the men in this version of the telling. So, to have Will and Hannibal truly possess a history together that informs their approach to the Red Dragon didn’t necessarily feel like an opportunity to change the story, but to provide many more layers of the tiramisu for the audience to enjoy.”
Before that, Fuller said the second half will be slightly different from earlier “Hannibal” season 3 episodes.
“It’s a slightly more grounded narrative than what we experienced in the first part of the season. So much of the first arc was all about the grieving process and also the trauma of what these people had experienced. I didn’t want to skip over what these characters were feeling, and that’s why so much of the first part of the season was contemplative and brooding and surreal. Everyone was in shock.”



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