“#Hannibal has been cancelled. That doesn’t mean the feast is over Tweet #BeholdTheRedDragon NOW to find a new home!


Hannibal has been cancelled but that doesn’t mean the feast is over. The hunt is on to find Hannibal a new home. In order to do that we need to show our love for, and dedication to the show. One way to do this is to ensure that both #Hannibal and #BeholdTheRedDragon trend on Twitter while the episode, The Great Red Dragon, airs in the USA on July 25th at 10pm EDT. In order to kick start the trend the Thunderclap will start at 9pm this week.

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE TAG #BeholdTheRedDragon before then. It will destroy our chances of trending. Trends must be unique on the day.

By joining this Thunderclap and sharing it across as many social media platforms as possible you will help kick start the trend – just as we did last week and every week since Hannibal was cancelled.

Thunderclap works by sending out one huge wave of tweets in one hit. Every person who joins the Thunderclap increases our social reach and therefore the likelihood of #Hannibal and #BeholdTheRedDragon trending. Last week, and every week since cancellation, we’ve managed to trend worldwide with over 200,000 tweets.

The power and passion of the Fannibals has been a sight to behold. Let’s welcome The Red Dragon with the same enthusiasm.

After the Thunderclap is launched at the above time, it is up to the #Fannibals to tweet the above tags like mad to help save Hannibal.

Last week our social reach was 2.5 million. I have no doubt we can top a that this week in even less time. Why? BECAUSE WE ARE FANNIBAL!
Any questions – don’t hesitate to ask @wintherweaver, @SmallestLecter, @MorningMercedes, or @personalcarnage

All data is secure and for one time use only.



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