Despite cancellation, ‘Hannibal’ just pulled another 180 to become an even better, scarier show


It’s hard to find a show on the air right now that successfully manages to top itself every week like “Hannibal”. The NBC drama — which was canceled by NBC at the end of June — has been resigned to burning through the second half of its now-final season in the doldrums of Saturday nights, where it is guaranteed to remain relatively unseen until its last episode airs.
That’s a shame, because this Saturday marks the beginning of what might as well be a brand-new season, and possibly the series’ most accessible jumping-on point ever.

For its final six episodes, “Hannibal” will be adapting the events of Thomas Harris’ novel “Red Dragon”, the work in which the evil, manipulative Doctor Hannibal Lecter first appeared. It is essentially a miniseries about the hunt for Francis Dolarhyde, a serial killer obsessed with a William Blake painting of the titular Red Dragon, and protagonist Will Graham’s struggle to hold onto his sanity after he’s dragged back in to a world of killers and madmen he left behind.

It also looks like something the show hasn’t really been all season long: Very, very scary.

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