HobbitCon 4 annoucement

“I’m always last and I don’t like it … It’s somebody else’s turn today.” (to the dwarves & Bilbo in The Hobbit) – This is Bombur and his performer Stephen Hunter is coming back to Bonn, Germany, to HobbitCon 4

As Stephen Hunter’s IMDb-Entry states, he was very early on cast as “the clown”, meaning he has a great comical talent. Thanks to that, he is the perfect actor for playing Bombur, who can be quite comical at times. Often unintentional. He is clumsy – but therefore rather loveable, isn’t he?

The first thing you notice about Bombur: He is uncommonly thick and loves cake. Going on a dangerous quest with his fellow ship under the lead of Thorin may not be the best decision for someone who needs a lot of food, as the journey can be abstemious. But Bombur came along anyway and with him his cousin Bifur and his brother Bofur.

As we know, wearing a fatsuit wasn’t the most comfortable experience for the actors, but in terms of playing Bombur it was quite necessary. Stephen is an very experienced actor, also playing more serious roles, such as in All Saints, Love My Way, Home and Away and Shortland Street. – See more at: http://www.hobbitcon.de/en/highlights/starguests/stephen-hunter.html#sthash.YnEvoIus.dpuf


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