“Urban and the Shed Crew” Character Bios – Chop


Born and bred in Leeds, Chop is kind, intelligent and philosophical, a disillusioned an ex-social worker: ‘the light had gone out ‘. He drinks and smokes like the best of them. He identifies with Greta and underclass women generally, as they tend to bring their kids up themselves, as much by choice as necessity. His mum was an early example of this. His father was a miner. Unlike the rest, he is Grammar School and University educated. Chop’s an early over achiever, who quickly fell out of love with social work once he moved to London to work. There, he burnt out, horrified by what he saw in kids’ care homes. His relationship with Urban teaches him to chill out and enjoy himself again, to live in the moment and be at one with himself and the universe.

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