Fan blogs relating the “Urban And The Shed Crew” premiere


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The film is without a doubt definitely in my top three of Richards projects. I should preface this by saying that I haven’t read the book so have no idea how true to real life/the literature the film was.

Richard was incredible, it was so refreshing and exciting to see him depart from the alpha male hyper-masculinised roles hes arguably been typecast as. Chop is a chain smoker, alcoholic and regular smoker of weed and Richard plays drunk/stoned very convincingly. I liked Chop, but equally he frustrated me as to some extent he encouraged the kids drug taking/smoking and it took him so long to get his shit together. At times Chop came across as Pompus, quoting from books and philosophers he knew Greta and co. wouldn’t understand, just for the sake of appearing clever, the part where Doc tells him how he has become one of them (the underclass) seems to really resonate with him and effect him as it acts as a catalyst for change. It was like before he was trying to prove he was somehow better than them because he was educated, despite him also having drug and alcohol problems.




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