The 6 Best TV Shows of 2015

I’ve beaten this particular drum. I’ve beaten it hard. And here I am beating it once again. Unfortunately you’ve already failed me, you’ve failed us all as with your indifference or just your lack of presence each week. Hannibal has been cancelled. This truly spectacular show came to an end this year with its third season and although my antipathy towards you all is very real, I’m here once again to do gods work.

Season 3 of the perpetually doomed TV series Hannibal was by far the shows best, and that’s saying something, that’s saying a lot. Probably knowing their fate, Bryan Fuller and team decided to go all out, embracing the madness of its central duo and indulging in every sick and twisted fantasy that bubbled beneath the surface of seasons 1 and 2. Finally reaching the ‘Red Dragon’ chapter of its story, Hannibal treated fans to everything they could ever want, providing a new spin on the books and films that came before while providing a closing statement on the tale that will never be forgotten by all those that watched. Finale’s don’t come much better than this, it’s was all we ever wanted, it was raw, it was brutal, it was perfect.

If there was a rival for GoT for the best show on TV, Hannibal was it, and there is no doubt in my mind Hannibal‘s last season was the best TV had to offer in 2015. If I had physical awards to deal out I would be throwing them at the cast and crew of this show with tears in my eyes, begging them to somehow bring the show back. Hannibal doesn’t need a fourth season, its ending was glorious, but god damn will it be missed. There is a void that will never be filled because of it.

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