Richard Armitage talks about his audiobook recording of “David Copperfield”


A mix of interviews and historical analysis, “All the Single Ladies” is a well-researched, deeply informative examination of women’s bids for independence, spanning centuries. The material can threaten to be overwhelming at times, but Traister provides a thoughtful culling of history to help bridge the gap between, on the one hand, glib depictions of single womanhood largely focused on sexual escapades and, on the other, grave warnings that female independence will unravel the very fabric of the country. In this follow-up of sorts to her first book, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” — an inquiry into the changing political landscape for young women, occasioned by the 2008 election — Traister brings a welcome balance of critique and personal reflection to a conversation that is often characterized more by advocacy and moral policing than honest discovery.


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