Romeo and Juliet: a new audiobook original with Richard Armitage – On Pre-Order

As I’ve said a few times over the last couple of months I never talk about future projects until they’re announced and have a launch date. Well now here’s one I can speak about. I’m returning to adapting Shakespeare as an original audiobook for Audible, and delighted to say I’ll be venturing onto the aural stage again with the immense talents of Richard Armitage as the narrator. After Hamlet, Prince of Denmark it’s hard to imagine anyone else doing the job.

The subject this time is Romeo and Juliet. It calls upon Shakespeare’s version and the earlier Italian tales which inspired him. The audiobook will be out on December 6 but you can pre-order now. Closer to the time I’ll be talking more about the project and once it’s out releasing some background material. I met up with Richard when he started on the narration in London a few weeks back and I have to say… I sat back in awe as he brought the story to life. This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever undertaken.

As with Hamlet and Macbeth this is not a plain copy of the Shakespeare original but a reimagining of Shakespeare and his sources told in modern English, with twists you will not get in the play. Unlike Shakespeare too it’s set in the very real city of Verona where I was happy to research the locations and background, and set in a specific year, the summer of 1499. It’s a long wait until December but I hope it will be worth it.

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