“Brain on Fire” and “Pilgrimage” movies at the Cannes Film Festival 2016

These will be joined by more Irish films that will be attempting to make international distribution deals, including: Jerzy Skolimowski’s thriller 11 Minutes, Brendan J. Byrne’s documentary Sheffield-bound Bobby Sands: 66 Days, Gerard Barrett’s drama Brain On Fire, David Keating’s horror Cherry Tree, Liam Gavin’s horror A Dark Song, Fiona Tan’s dystopian History’s Future, Martin Stalker’s docu-drama Hostage to the Devil, Eric Poppe’s war-time drama The King’s Choice, Nils Gaup’s Norwegian co-production The Last King, Aisling Walsh’s Canadian co-produced drama Maudie, Stephen Burke’s prison-thriller Maze, Ken Wardrop’s IFTA award-winning documentary Mom and Me, Simon Fitzmaurice’s beautiful road-trip drama My Name is Emily, Brendan Muldowney’s epicPilgrimage, Dennis Bartok’s horror POV, Jim Sheridan’s historical drama The Secret Scripture, John Carney’s wondrous  musical-drama Sing Street, Alan Gilsenan’s Canadian co-produced dramaUnless, Paddy Breathnach’s breath-taking Spanish-language drama Viva,and Lorcan Finnegan’s feature debut Without Name.

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